Our CarbonBack Foundation is a global digital non-profit organisation modeled on Wikipedia.

We exist in response to the loudening worldwide call for solutions to be created and shared to give everyone the choice to reduce and eliminate the net carbon emission of their personal, family, community and organisational carbon generating activities.

Like Wikipedia, we will remain beyond politics and corporate influence. Personal pledges of volunteer or financial support to us are capped to prevent any individual or organisation having excessive influence upon the Foundation and its goal.

Our vision is that if everyone is enabled with the best information, education and technology, global citizens will take the actions necessary daily within their limited financial means to reduce our earths growing outer atmospheric ring of carbon. 


This will progressively return the black earth ring to its proper place inside of the green surface ring of land inside the blue sky outer ring of our planet earth.

Our CarbonBack Foundation logo displays this natural order of the earth's carbon (black), land (green) and sky (blue) rings.



We appreciate the volunteer and financial support provided to our CarbonBack Foundation by this growing list of organisations:

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"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Vincent van Gogh


Our launch project in October 2019 will deliver a simple solution for anyone to see how low cost it is to offset their oil-based fuel purchase for their vehicle be it a car, motorbike, truck, tractor, boat, ship, train or plane.


We’ll do this by offering the real-time ability for our customers to get a quote and consider the purchase of a 100% government certified carbon offset of their choice and then be able to share the digital certificate evidence of their good citizenship action with their friends, family and social media followers.


As the idea for this first Foundation funded project was ideated in Australia by a pair of aussie pilot's, we'll launch our Foundation, website and phone/tablet app with them at Australia's premier annual pilot gathering 'Ausfly' in the drought savaged outback town of Narromine at sunset on the evening of Saturday 19 October 2019.